The home of powerlifting in London

We are British Barbell

A dedicated club in south east London, we exist to promote the sport of powerlifting. We aim to help lifters at all levels, from novices looking for instruction in the lifts for the first time, to those representing us on the international stage.

The club has everything you need to get stronger as a drug-free athlete, with top of the line competition-grade equipment and qualified coaches. Our members compete at local, national and international competitions.

British Barbell is registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC 04310), and has been supported by Sport England, the National Lottery, The Foundation for Sports and the Arts, Grassroots Grants, and the Capital Community Foundation.

Get Started!


British Barbell is not your typical gym. The club is open only at set times, each under the supervision of a powerlifting coach.

Development Sessions

Anyone new to the club is advised to attend our Saturday development session.

These are ideal for novices looking to get their first taste of the sport, athletes looking to build their strength to increase their performance for other pursuits, and lifters who are unable to train more regularly.

Before you start training, you'll need to complete the club membership form.

If you wish to continue training at the club, you can start attending the Development sessions weekly. You will be asked to register with our governing body (British Powerlifting £40/year, or £20/year for U23s) and set up a standing order to the club (£20/month plus a suggested donation of £15/month - a total of £35/month, if you are able to make the donation).

Please note that the club has a zero tolerance policy on drug use and all members are registered for drug testing. Members choosing to compete are only permitted to compete in competitions organised by the governing body (British Powerlifting/GBPF/IPF).

If your interested in training at British Barbell, come along to one of our two coached Saturday sessions.
If it is your first time attending the club, please email us to book in to the developement session.

Saturday 7:30-9:00

Saturday 9:30-11:00

Squad Sessions

Lifters who are looking to take the sport to the next level may be interested in our squad sessions. Lifting up to five times a week, these training sessions are ideal for competitors striving to achieve national and international success.

You can view our public British Barbell Calendar which includes all squad sessions and any aditional sessions being run by keyholders

Speak to a British Barbell club coach if you are interested in participating in the squad sessions.

Monday 18:30-20:30
Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Wednesday 18:30-20:30
Thursday 18:30-20:30
Saturday 11:00-13:00
Sunday 10:00-12:00

Finding us

British Barbell is located in a Railway Arch below Queens Road Peckham Station. There are regular trains from London Bridge, on leaving the station turn right onto Queens Road, then the first right onto Asylum road, and right again to the Arches.

There are regular trains from London Bridge, on leaving the station turn right onto Queens Road, then the first right onto Asylum road, and right again to the Arches.

Please note that the road the club is situated on is for permit holders only. There is parking available in the surrounding streets, but this may be limited at busy times.

British Barbell
Unit 9 Astbury Business Park
Station Passage
SE15 2JR